Northern Pines Nursery
Northern Pines Nursery

About Us

 Northern Pines Nursery was established by Phil Scholten in 1977 with the goal of providing the highest quality seedlings for Northern Michigan Christmas tree farmers.  With a determination and focus on root growth and development, the key to the health of all trees, Phil was able to provide the highest quality seedlings and transplants.  With this determination and hard work, Northern Pines Nursery has grown to not only provide seedlings and transplants for Christmas tree farmers, but also for conservation districts, foresters, non-profit organizations, landscapers, potted tree nurseries, property managers, and homeowners.
Prior to planting, extreme care is taken to prepare our soil for the delicate root systems.  Through the use of composting and soil amendments, our fields are prepared for fumigation to reduce weed seeds and soil pathogens such as nematodes, grubs, and damaging soil born diseases.

Growing in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4b has its challenges, but Northern Pines Nursery provides the highest quality seedlings and transplants with a hardiness to withstand northern growing and harsh winter environments.
Today, Northern Pines Nursery is run by Scott Powell and a dedicated team focused on providing the highest quality that has become synonymous with Northern Pines Nursery.  We continue to meet the needs of Christmas tree growers and other customers throughout the Midwest who came to expect the highest quality seedlings and transplants from Northern Pines Nursery.