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Northern Pines Nursery offers a full line of evergreen planting stock and has established itself as a premier seedling and transplant nursery focused on root development and the hardiness of our northern grown climate. 


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 As a family-owned and operated evergreen seedling nursery located in Northwestern Michigan, Northern Pines Nursery has been dedicated to providing the highest quality evergreen bare root for over 35 years.  


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We grow transplants for anyone: Christmas tree growers, Conservation districts, foresters, fundraisers, landscapers, potted tree nurseries, property managers, and even homeowners.

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Spring digging season is typically April 10 - May 1, but is weather and soil conditions permitting.  There are limited varieties available in September, depending on the weather. Please call the nursery for availability. 

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Northern Pines Nursery

2300 S. Morey Rd., Lake City, MI 49651, US

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